o.k. kiddies, are ya findin’ words like: retro, vintage, oldschool, homage, and the likes kinda scary? Yet, they seem to keep poppin’ up on ur Insta, or tweets, or in “Seventeen”, or hashtags from 42 yr old country-ass white chic’s like moi? Well, here is a quick break down…
Imagine a world that existed loooooooong before you. Scary, right, I know, I know, scares the shit outta me, too. But, just work with me for a min here, k?
Ever seen, let’s say, hmmmmm, “Easy A” ? Well, you could call that movie a “modern” throwback or you could even say it’s an homage to all the awesome af ’90’s movies like “The Breakfast Club”, “Say Anything”, “Pretty In Pink”…
Now, want to hear something even weirder & cooler?
Those movies and the people who made them are now old af (like me 😉 but they where/are still payin’ their own tributes to artists before them.
Crazy, right, I know + these same chic’s & dude’s or bro’s & ho’s, wtf ever we want to call ’em didn’t even have….wait for it….wait for it….
Google, Iphone3000 or even an ol’ reliable laptop named Doris to count on. So here’s my lil homage, throwback, vintage shit o’ the day:
“Here’s to alllll the SJ’s, Dylan’s, Kerouac’s, HST’s, Ms. Parker’s, Faulkner’s, Armstrong’s, Ms. Billie’s, etc…cause w/out them I would’nt know shit!
(please, please, hold the damn applause)
o.k. rant over… y’all may continue with yo shit


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