1. Will Eisner – hell, if you don’t know who this man is, kiddies, just stop reading my blog now! Here’s a lil tip for ya = He invented the title “Graphic Novel”, duh.
2. Alan Moore – “Across The Universe (which of course contains “The Killing Joke”), “Swamp Thing”, “Promethea”, “A Small Killing”, “Top Ten Book 1”, “Lost Girls”, “V For Vendetta”, “Watchmen”, “Complete Ballad Of Halo Jones”, “The Leaugue Of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, “Skizz”, “The Complete D.R. & Quinch”, “Supreme: The Story Of The Year”
3. Frank Miller – “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”, “300”, “Sin City: The Hard Goodbye”, “Hard Boiled”, “Ronin”, “Batman: Year One”, “Daredevil (Omnibus Ed.)”, “Elecktra: Assassin”
4. Neil Gaiman – “Marvel 1602”, “The Sandman – Vol 1- Preludes & Nocturnes”, “Big Fat Little Lit”, “Violent Cases”, “The Books Of Magic”, “Sandman – Vol 3 – Dream Country”, “Death: The High Cost Of Living”, “The Comical Tragedy/Tragical Comedy Of Mr Punch”, “Signal To Noise”


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