just realized I am “a bit manic” 2day…but as the man says “you want to be a writer then write EVERYDAY”
  1. “Lisey’s Story” the most personal & sweetest damn kick-ass story, EVA!
  2. he backs his shit up…tip’s his hat when credit is due & he is funny & clever as shit
  3. “the man def knows how to get down”, he may not be the most bitchin’ guitar hero of all time but it’s like Johnny Depp sayz: “if I had to do it for a living, I’d HATE it”
  4. yes, he can scare the holy crap outta anyone (sorry Mom, I don’t jus luv him for “all that horror stuff”) his characters live & breathe
  5. He has inspired a TON of folks besides me…
    • Neil Gaiman
    • Joe Hill
    • Clive Barker
  6. ok, so he is rich as God, but he still ‘keeps it real’ 😉
  7. He’s prolific af, I mean this dude has a REAL career…”The Shining”, “The Mist”, “The Green Mile”, “Revival”, “Salem’s ‘Lot”, “Dr. Sleep”, “The Talisman”, “The Dark Tower” Series, “Pet Cemetery”, writing shit for Rolling Stone, “On Writing”, millions of speaking gigs from coast to coast, “Mr. Mercedes”, “Different Seasons”, and on and on and on, damn…as manic as I am 2day that list is somethin’ I ain’t even gonna touch, whew!
  8. He love’s & ‘members the good ol dayz of horror films/comic books = “The Thing”, EC’s “Tales From The Crypt”, “Swamp Thing”, etc.
  9. I’m sooo sorry Mr. King, please don’t label me a DSC, & “as if” u need lil ol me to toot ya horn, but u do ‘rock tha f outta that shit.
  10. ;* xoxoxo

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