Sunday a day for rest, reflection, & family. Yea, I got my reverent side, too (just don’t expect to see it too often)
We all have families. Black or white or what ever color your “sheep” may be, near or far or straight on till mornin’… Be grateful… ALWAYS 🙂
Even Alice with her imagination.
Even Rick seeing the ghost of his dead wife.
Even Dianna fighting a man’s fight in a man’s world.
Even Luke when his Dad chopped off his hand.
Even Dale & Brennen when they crashed their Dad’s boat 😉
Even Mowgli alone in the Jungle.
Even Snow in the forest, now u may think YOUR step-mother sux, lol.
Even Jay had Silent Bob 
Even Wendy with The Lost Boys
Even Romeo & Juliet had some family left to mourn ’em.
soooo if u can take a min. to find some gratitude today, black, white or purple & blood in veins or just blood spilt we ALL have family 🙂 here’s to my tribe…cheers


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