Neruda (2016)

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Neruda (2016)

(R, 1 hr 47 min, Biography/Drama, Subtitles, Director: Pablo Larrain, Writer: Guillermo Calderon, Starring: Gael Garcia Bernal, Luis Gnecco, Alfredo Castro)


The Plot

Heralded poet Pablo Neruda was the subject of a manhunt in 1948 after being decried by the Chilean government for joining the Communist Party. The story focuses on a little-discussed time of his life. It takes viewers on a ride traveling from plush, high-class soirees to the bitter, unforgiving cold of the Andes. As the plot unfolds, fact and fiction become progressively blurred, leaving a broad, yet oddly specific, portrait of the heralded bard.

…the black eyes stare through the black night.

Pablo Neruda was the most popular and influential poet in La Republica de Chile. He was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.  Gabriel Garcia Marquez once said that Neruda was the greatest poet–of any language–of the 20th Century.

The film…

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“I read it in a book.” said Alice – Lewis Carroll

Sunday a day for rest, reflection, & family. Yea, I got my reverent side, too (just don’t expect to see it too often)
We all have families. Black or white or what ever color your “sheep” may be, near or far or straight on till mornin’… Be grateful… ALWAYS 🙂
Even Alice with her imagination.
Even Rick seeing the ghost of his dead wife.
Even Dianna fighting a man’s fight in a man’s world.
Even Luke when his Dad chopped off his hand.
Even Dale & Brennen when they crashed their Dad’s boat 😉
Even Mowgli alone in the Jungle.
Even Snow in the forest, now u may think YOUR step-mother sux, lol.
Even Jay had Silent Bob 
Even Wendy with The Lost Boys
Even Romeo & Juliet had some family left to mourn ’em.
soooo if u can take a min. to find some gratitude today, black, white or purple & blood in veins or just blood spilt we ALL have family 🙂 here’s to my tribe…cheers

why Stephen King is a god…

just realized I am “a bit manic” 2day…but as the man says “you want to be a writer then write EVERYDAY”
  1. “Lisey’s Story” the most personal & sweetest damn kick-ass story, EVA!
  2. he backs his shit up…tip’s his hat when credit is due & he is funny & clever as shit
  3. “the man def knows how to get down”, he may not be the most bitchin’ guitar hero of all time but it’s like Johnny Depp sayz: “if I had to do it for a living, I’d HATE it”
  4. yes, he can scare the holy crap outta anyone (sorry Mom, I don’t jus luv him for “all that horror stuff”) his characters live & breathe
  5. He has inspired a TON of folks besides me…
    • Neil Gaiman
    • Joe Hill
    • Clive Barker
  6. ok, so he is rich as God, but he still ‘keeps it real’ 😉
  7. He’s prolific af, I mean this dude has a REAL career…”The Shining”, “The Mist”, “The Green Mile”, “Revival”, “Salem’s ‘Lot”, “Dr. Sleep”, “The Talisman”, “The Dark Tower” Series, “Pet Cemetery”, writing shit for Rolling Stone, “On Writing”, millions of speaking gigs from coast to coast, “Mr. Mercedes”, “Different Seasons”, and on and on and on, damn…as manic as I am 2day that list is somethin’ I ain’t even gonna touch, whew!
  8. He love’s & ‘members the good ol dayz of horror films/comic books = “The Thing”, EC’s “Tales From The Crypt”, “Swamp Thing”, etc.
  9. I’m sooo sorry Mr. King, please don’t label me a DSC, & “as if” u need lil ol me to toot ya horn, but u do ‘rock tha f outta that shit.
  10. ;* xoxoxo

my P.S.A. or “Dear seventeen” or “it’s alllllll been done before…”

o.k. kiddies, are ya findin’ words like: retro, vintage, oldschool, homage, and the likes kinda scary? Yet, they seem to keep poppin’ up on ur Insta, or tweets, or in “Seventeen”, or hashtags from 42 yr old country-ass white chic’s like moi? Well, here is a quick break down…
Imagine a world that existed loooooooong before you. Scary, right, I know, I know, scares the shit outta me, too. But, just work with me for a min here, k?
Ever seen, let’s say, hmmmmm, “Easy A” ? Well, you could call that movie a “modern” throwback or you could even say it’s an homage to all the awesome af ’90’s movies like “The Breakfast Club”, “Say Anything”, “Pretty In Pink”…
Now, want to hear something even weirder & cooler?
Those movies and the people who made them are now old af (like me 😉 but they where/are still payin’ their own tributes to artists before them.
Crazy, right, I know + these same chic’s & dude’s or bro’s & ho’s, wtf ever we want to call ’em didn’t even have….wait for it….wait for it….
Google, Iphone3000 or even an ol’ reliable laptop named Doris to count on. So here’s my lil homage, throwback, vintage shit o’ the day:
“Here’s to alllll the SJ’s, Dylan’s, Kerouac’s, HST’s, Ms. Parker’s, Faulkner’s, Armstrong’s, Ms. Billie’s, etc…cause w/out them I would’nt know shit!
(please, please, hold the damn applause)
o.k. rant over… y’all may continue with yo shit

why every DAMN body luvs (or should) The Weeknd

yea, yea, I’m gonna jus bask in the bomb ass shit that ALL dude is, does, & will do…

1. sexy af 🙂
2. works on all his own shit
3. did I say sexy af…oh yea, wait…his music… yea, the music 😉
4. beautiful pipes
5. has worked w/Future, Wiz,…honestly I ain’t even gonna pretend on knowin ALL the folks he has, should, or will work with
6. HELLO!…have y’all heard “Starboy”, duh
7. o.k. I’m done, tee-hee, l8r